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Gone West (Daisy Dalrymple, #20) - Carola Dunn

Sadly this book was just very meh. It took over one hundred pages (about a third of the book) till the murder happened which is just too long. I appreciate some setup but not at that lengths.

Additionally I just didn't care for the characters that much. Usually Dunn is really good at introducing a set of characters from really likeable to absolute jerks (though thankfully the jerks aren't always the murderers) but here almost everybody acted horribly and annoying (with the exception of Daisy's old school-friend Sibyll who admittedly was quite interesting): there's Simon the murder-victim's son who acts incredibly snobbish (he does get better after the murder but as we already established that this is quite late so we have to suffer through a lot of stupid comments before that), the victim's siblings (don't ask) and of course Myrna and her two admirers. Especially Myrna failed badly as character. I think she was supposed to be a subversion of the silly air-headed girl who only cares about clothes-type and at first it worked. She does regularily run out of her allowance money because she spends it on clothes and jewellery but there are also moments where she shows compassion and insight...and than ruin it again by acting incredibly stupid.

(Like leaving the house, something the police have repeatedly told her not to do, because she wanted to fetch her quarterly allowance at the first possibly moment...)

Her two admirers really weren't any better so the amount of likeable characters was very limited.

The mystery was actually OK...only that at the end it seemed like Dunn suddenly realized 'oh crap I only have 5 pages left to wrap it all up' and just threw everything (from the actual resolution of the crime to the resolution of all her red herrings) at the reader.

A rather dissappointing volume of the series.