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Is STGRB celebrating kobo no longer carrying indie authors?

I'm just now seeing that like W.H. Smith, kobo is now also pulling indie books from their website.  Starting with a blog post from


Hurray for bba's and STGRB authors everywhere -- no one will ever bully you again with negative reviews or evil shelf/collection/wishlist names on those sites (and any bookseller or other sites using kobo for ebook distribution/data). You should now all feel safer ... now if you can just get goodreads and the 73 wannabe sites I found to stop allowing indie books or to stop reviewing, shelving and rating you negatively you will have won quite a victory. Yes, you have done the proverbial "throw out the baby with the bath water" and can rest free of any reviewer threats while you bask in your new 1-star ratings that successfully move your books up goodreads feature and search-result lists. I look forward to seeing the screenshots of your celebrations being shared about. You must all be so proud!


To the 99.99999% of the other indie authors, I am truly saddened for the opportunities those speshul snowflakes have lost you.

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