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[Reblog] WANTED: Romance Novel Recs!

My podcast, AngloFilles, is doing a romance novels episode in December and while I am a fan of the genre, I'm not exactly well read in that department. 


I need romance recs from every corner of the genre possible - historical, contemporary, erotica, category, suspense, paranormal, the whole shebang (except Highlander romances. My nationality doesn't allow me to read those without dying of embarrassment.) 


Thanks in advance! You all make me smile! 




I know some of my followers are much more into Romance than I am so if one of you wants to hop to the source post and give Kayleigh some recs that would be great.

You also should all listen to the podcast because it's cool. Just don't do what I did and listen to their Hannibal-episode when your stomach is somewhat queasy because that was a somewhat bad idea.

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