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[Reblog] Bad Line Contest...

Contest time.  A bad line contest.   From any published book you've read.   I'll do a week and a half for the first - possibly only - contest.   Send me the worst lines you've read by 10/25/2013.   I'll compile them in one post the next day, and people will be able to vote on which line they think is worst for a week.   On November 1st, the line with the most votes will get cross stitched.   


I'm hoping to do these one a week and post photos for a collection.   What do you guys think?   Have a horrible line that's been eating away at your soul?    Post here.   


I'll post one I promised on the first, though.   I bought a cheap kit, so I'll get started today.   Have fun with this one!


Feel free to share, whatever, but please remember - the only way I'll be able to keep track of the lines and votes is in one place.    Here on my Booklikes blog.   






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