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Review: Horrorscape

Horrorscape - Nenia Campbell

This is basically a 'group of teenagers are locked into a creepy house and then horrible stuff happens'-horror-movie in book form. Unfortunately one of the things it shares with these types of movies is that the plot can only happen because most of the people involved act very stupid. I could just about accept that they would take the party-invitation of a guy they don't know and who even refuses to tell his name because part of the group would feel tempted by that and go 'Hell why not? That sounds cool!' while the others would just get dragged along. However I could not really suspend my disbelief and accept that nobody recognised Gavin. Even if he hadn't any close contact with Lisa, only four years passed since Fearscape happened and it's hard to imagine that she'd forget the face of the guy who (almost) ruined her best friend's life but no...even when later in the book somebody points out that Val is terrified of him because he reminds her of someone she's all 'Well he looks a bit like Gavin but no that's totally impssible!'



That was honestly such a big issue for me that I was almost tempted to give up on the book but I was so curious about what would happen to Val and the others that I kept reading anyway. And I didn't regret it...well I sort of regretted reading it at night in bed because it seriously terrified me and I then decided to read only in daylight...I'm easily scared did I mention that?


I already mentioned in my Review for Fearscape that while it was believable for Val not to suspect Gavin of being the stalker but that didn't stop it from being frustrating to read about. Similarily in this book it's believable that Val is so messed up and terrfied that for a large part of the story she basically freezes when Gavin turns up and makes no try to defend herself but that didn't mean that I wasn't yelling at her to just do something (and cheered when she finally did).


I already mentioned the horror film-logic and when I had just gotten over the stupidity of nobody recognising Gavin they started splitting up at moments where it really wasn't neccessary...WHY?




But despite everything I was glued to the pages while hiding behind the sofa. I can't remember the last time I was that freaked out while reading (or watching anything really). That, and the fact that the story captured me enough that I almost wanted to start the final book in the trilogy the moment I had finished the last page so I'm willing to forgive most of the issues I had with this book and still rate it 3-4 stars.


(On a side-note: is that a universe that has a psychopaths for hire-service? Because I have no clue where else Gavin got the members of the white team from?).



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