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p. 70 "False Colors"

False Colors - Alex Beecroft

I read quite a lot of Age of Sail books but I don't think I'll ever get really used to people referring to ships as 'she' even though it is similar in German, i.e. if you just talk about ships in general they're it but once they have a name (even if it's a male name) it/she is feminine (though while they get the female article they are onle rarely actually referred to as a she) ...which doesn't really make sense to me but then I'm Bavarian which is as far away from the coastline as you can get in Germany so I don't have to understand ships and people's feelings for ships (down here we have...mountains...and castles).

Why do I read so many books about men on ships then? I don't know.


This is probably my most random status update so far.


Now for no reason at all: Here are German guys singing about ships and the sea.