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I read fantasy, crime, true crime, lgbt-romance and books written by my favourite comedians. List not necessarily complete.
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Not dead yet

Just very quiet. I am just writing my BA-thesis (or staring at the computer-screen in desperation because I don't know what to write and OMG I will fail miserably and everything is horrible and I should just build a hut in the forest and live of fruit and thought-process currently)

Anyway...I don't have the time/energy to read/write/comment much here...only to like the occasional status-update/cat-picture (please keep on posting cat-pictures. They cheer me up).

I'll have to hand my thesis in at the beginning of December. After that there's still the oral exam on the 19th and when that is finished I intend to celebrate and drink a lot but around christmas I should be back again...or gone for good because I have moved in a hut in the forrest.

We'll see.