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So I thought I might find a christmas-present for my mother by looking at some of her favourite books on GR and look at the 'Readers also enjoyed' but I only came up with other books she already I think I'll go for more book-adaptions-on-DVD this year. I had already decided on another season of Inspector Morse and now I'll think I go for the Hamish Macbeth-mysteries as well (she really loves the books).

As she rarely gives me DVDs unless I very specifically wished for one this will also help avoiding a similar situation as last year when we gave each other copies of PD James' Death Comes to Pemberly (which embarassinngly I still haven't read...I should hurry up as the TV-adaption of it will air this christmas (and star Rebecca Front ♥) and I prefer reading things first).


In other slightly related news (as it still concerns books-turned-into-TV-shows): Ken Bruen's Jack Taylor series was on German TV in the last couple of weeks and we enjoyed them so much that we got the first book. I only read a few pages but I already love it (if only there wasn't so much university reading to do *sighs*...sarcastic Irish Private Detectives are much more fun than George Elliot...sorry)


(And now I still need to decide which of the books on her amazon wishlist I should get my friend for christmas)