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Versteckt und zugenäht: Augsburger Kriminalroman, Band 1 - Katrin Jacob

Got this as a review-copy and already hate it A LOT. The MC is your typical 'look isn't it *~*hillarious*~* how clumsy I am, just go and laugh at me! So many of those type of crime-novels have them. She's also a single mom and her teenage daughter is just *~*perfect*~*. She looks great, is intelligent and great at school (why have fictional cops and sleuths only kids that are either flawless or completely off the rails, taking drugs and hanging out with gangs? Where are bloody average teenagers who are good at one subject at school but fail at another? Who might have gotten really drunk once and perhaps also experimented with marijuana but didn't turn to heroin?)

Oh and then the POV switches from first person (the MC) to third person limited (the bad guy) which is something I also can't stand but it turns up more and more (at least in the crime fiction I read). I wouldn't mind having two or more third person limited narrators or switching first person but mixing both makes me imagine the author's thought process to be 'For my plot I need to have two different narrators. Phillip Marlowe was written in the first person so I will do that, too even though my character is as far from Marlowe as possible...but I also don't want to put in the effort to have two clearly distinguishable voices for two First person first and third it is.'