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Review: Flying too High

Flying Too High  - Kerry Greenwood

I am happy to tell yout that Phryne Fisher is still perfect in everything she does!


In this book we learn that she is also a great pilot and a perfect shot!

She also uses her awesome pilot skill to almost scare somebody to death who wasn't nice to her on one occasion but it's OK because he is a jerk and Phryne is of course perfect and nothing she does could ever be morally questionable!

She also has perfect sex! Occasionally with guys that are actually engaged to somebody else but it's OK because the woman knows that her fiancee cheats on her and is fine with it.

Mind you, the only other men this woman had closer contact with were her father who abused her and her brother who is massive jerk and doesn't appreciate her work so the concept of men not being assholes might be new to her and Phryne could have introduced her to it but instead she just sleeps with her fiancee and wishes them a great life together afterwards.

I bet theirs will be a long and happy marriage!


Full disclousure: jerky brother does get better in the course of the book for absolutely contrived reasons and fiancee promises to be faithful after the marriage...I have my doubts but might happen...on the other hand fiancee also says things about her like she being the perfect model (for artists) because she is like an empty canvas and he can form her in anything he wants which is not creepy AT ALL!


Where was I? Right, Phryne only doing things that are in no way morally questionable.

Phryne just knows what is right and wrong and in general simply knows there is not really much investigating going on. At least Phryne doesn't do much, she simply knows immediately what happened and then just sends other people out to do the legwork and find proof for her theories.

(Well she does pay them well and she can clearly afford to do so because the way she throws money at everybody makes you think she's got a gold-shitting donkey in the basement).


All through the book Phryne continues to be right about everything and never doing anything morally questionable like makeing sure a pedophile murderer gets his last wish...oh excpt she does but it's for The Greater Good so it's alright!


On the plus side: in the first book I was somewhat annoyed by the extensive descriptions of dresses. There are still some in this book but not quite as much and I found them actually quite interessting. The case was also quite interesting and I can imagine that this could actually be a really good series if the main character had some actual flaws the reader is supposed to see as flaws.