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Review: Thorndyke's Cases

John Thorndyke's Cases - R. Austin Freeman

After two novels this is the first short story collection about Thorndyke I've read. The enjoyment stays the same, Freeman can clearly built engaging cases on 20 pages as well as on 200. However what becomes noticable in now the third book I've read is that Thorndyke is less of a character and more a device to move the plot forward. I hate that in yet another Thorndyke-review I'm making comparisons to Holmes but there are just very obvious parallels. I previously said that I find Thorndyke more approachable than Holmes which is still true but while I wanted to strangle Holmes on occasions there were also those beautiful moments in which he showed how much he cared. About Watson and other people. Thorndyke just exists. There are a couple of occasions where Freeman describes his quirks (his..very peculiar way of reading a newspaper) or lets Jarvis think a bit about his friendship to Thorndyke but it almost seems like they have been added as an afterthought.
I still enjoy the cases itself and the very realistic portrayal of the Victorian-age/turn of the century forensics but I am also beginning to see why Holmes is still popular toay while Thorndyke is almost forgotten. He is just a lot less memorable.