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Todesnacht - Ragnar Jónasson, Tina Flecken

First Chapter: Guy finds body.


Yay! Let's just jump in!




Then: Backstroy of character A is explained...well perhaps it's neccessary.



Then: Backstory of Character B is explained. I am getting slightly bored.



Then: Let me tell you about all the horrible things Character C did in his childhood (though they might be relevant for the plot of this book)



Then: I bet you really wanted to know everything about B's ex-girlfriend and learn about the breakup from her perspective!


Not really


Then: remember character A? How about reading a one year old diary-entry from her?



Now: Finally! We saw a character doing some police-work!




I can't wait till we read all about his great-aunts views on the fishing-industry cause I bet something along those lines will come soon.