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I read fantasy, crime, true crime, lgbt-romance and books written by my favourite comedians. List not necessarily complete.
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10 Facts

I'm seeing these lists all over the place and I now I finally have time to do one as well.


1. When I was a teenager almost my entire wardrobe was black, a side-effect of my love for metal-music. I still love the music (mainly the folky and pseudo-medieval stuff like Saltatio Mortis  and Subway to Sally) and I still have a lot of black clothes but no longer more than all other colours combined.

2. I studied English and Jewish Studies and finished last December. Now I'm waiting for my professor to grade my BA-thesis which she still hasn't done. It's not like having a grade and the final results would be quite helpful when applying somewhere...Do I sound bitter and annoyed? No clue why.

(Bonus fact: My BA thesis topic was The Representation of the Belfast Flag Protests in the Media)


3. Languages I studied/tried to study so far: English, Latin, Russian, Czech, modern and biblical Hebrew, Irish.

Languages I am actually able to communicate in: English. 

Recently I discovered Duolingo and started learning French (they have a limited choice of languages to learn there but it's free...and it is not the most useless language to learn)


4. Jules Verne is an author that will always have a special place in my heart. We read 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea in 7th grade at school. I did already read quite a lot at that point but about 2/3 were Famous Five and similar teen-detectives and I didn't like any of the books we had to read school up to that point. Then there was this book that did not feature blackmail, animal-cruelty or any of the other popular topics for teen-detectives, wasn't even written for a young audience, by a guy who had been dead for ages and it was...awesome. I bought/borrowed pretty much every Jules Verne novel I could find afterwards. I still have my collection but didn't re-read them in ages.


5. During my A-level-preparation I desperately needed a balance to all the theoretical repetition etc. so I started knitting (or rather re-started). I haven't really stopped, since.


(shamelessly showing off one of my proudest achievements...and my book-shelves)



6. My longest-lasting TV-Show love is Tatort (Crime-Scene), a German crime-show. Some episodes are really great but I also spend a lot of time yelling at the screen because the plots and/or characters are so stupid, wondering what drugs the writers were on when they came up with the ideas, cringing at the stereotypical portrayal of minorities or thinking 'you are aware that the only reason I'm not screaming too loudly about all the idiocy in this episode is because I'm slightly distracted by all the pretty faces in the cast'. I just can't quit it.


7. I often re-arrange my parts of my bookshelves because I get a new book that belongs somewhere where there is no space left and I can't bear to put it somewhere where it wouldn't fit. I'd love to be able to keep that amount of order also in other parts of my life (or simply my room).


8. I studied in Belfast for a year and I absolutely loved it. Sadly I didn't have the time/money/opportunity to re-visit but I want to as soon as possible. Belfast was also the first time I lived in the city-centre and in a big city (I know some of you will laugh when I describe Belfast as big but I grew up in a 1000-people village and then went to study in Heidelberg...)


9. The amount of books about Jack the Ripper and true crimes in general I own, might seem creepy to some people. Sometimes I creep myself out a little bit with my knowledge ('Hey the author just mentioned a serial-killer from the 1920s and I noticed that he misspelled him! Isn't that cool?...Yeah. Totally.')


10. I've been sitting here for five minutes and trying to come up with a 10th fact. The other 9 came pretty quickly but now I must have run out of steam so...ehm. I'm an only child,



(Also: I am ridiculously obsessed with this show but didn't want to have two TV-related points...then I remembered it would give me an excuse to use a gif from the show)