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Top Ten Thursday: Popular Author's I've never read

Hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.


This is going to be a very odd list probably.


1. John Green. I zero about contemporary YA

2. Cassandra Claire. I somehow managed to miss the hype (no clue how) and from what I've heard about her by now I don't really want to read her anymore.

3. John Grisham. Legal thrillers are something else I just don't care about.

4. Susanne Collins.Like dystopias.

5. Thomas Mann. I'm a bad German...but we read Heinrich Mann at school and that managed to put me off the whole family. I do intend to read him...somewhen.

6. Douglas Adams. I TRIED OK! I STARTED HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE THREE BLOODY TIMES. It's just not my thing.

7. Phillip Pullman. Teenage-Narnia fangirl-me just couldn't stand his hatred for C. S. Lewis. By now I'm over that but I still haven't bothered. Perhaps...some day?

8. Donna Leon. Actually totally my genre. And I really enjoy the film-adaptations. I just never got round.

9. Jacques Berndorf. A really popular German author who writes Lokalkrimis, a genre I have a love-hate relationship with. He was one of the first who got really popular but I decided to listen to my mother who hates him.

10. Jodi Picoult. Just. No.