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Review: Tantalized

Tantalized - Nenia Campbell

I don't quite know what to say about this book. That is probably mainly because that's reading so far out of my usual comfort-zone that I don't even have something to compare it to.

I did like the idea. It was the story of two extremely messed-up people having lots of kinky sex. At no point the reader gets the impression that there is anything healthy about this...arrangement (I hesitate to call it a relationship...) and exactly nobody is surprised when it ends in utter disaster. Which brings me to the problem: the ending felt too rushed. For most part the plot kept going at quite a normal pace but then things just escalated very quickly. On one page everything went on normally (or what passes for normally in this book) and on the next the catastrophe begins and then everything happens at once. It felt like too much events were crammed into to few pages. 

Overall the ending also felt a bit...odd. I don't mind when the ending does not spell out everything for you and you're kept wondering what will happen in the future but here I felt that a bit too much threads were kept hanging while at the same time it isn't really enough to justify a sequel.



I received a free copy via a booklikes-giveaway.