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I give up

Murder on the Ballarat Train - Kerry Greenwood

I tried. This series sounded promising and I really wanted to like it. The first book was OK-ish. Phryne had some Mary Sue-ish tendencies (though to be honest many cozy-heroines have them) but I liked that it dealt with some darker topics other books in that genre usually avoid (in the first illegal abortions). However I got very bored with the extensive descriptions of the clothes Phryne was wearing and it got pointed out over and over again how much money she has.

I hoped that it would change in the 2nd didn't. Additionally it still dealt with darker topics (abuse) but really did not treat them with the seriousness they deserved. I was still willing to give the series another chance (also: I had gotten the first three books cheaply somewhere). I made it less than 40 pages in and was again treated to three different descriptions of Phryne's of those came with a random POV-change.

Well it's not like I'm about to run out of books on my tbr-pile anytime soon.