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Things that annoy me in books

Sorted from bad to worse


  1. Having a book set in a different time/culture so that some terms and allusions need some explanation but not putting these explanations in footnotes on the same page but at the end of the book. I do have enough bookmarks to spare a second one for the explanation-page but it's still quite annoying having to leaf back everytime.
  2. If that is the case: no indication which terms are explained. No text is so precious that printing a word in italics or putting an asterisk after it will ruin it. Am I supposed to guess what is explained and what isn't? (Because usually there are some things I know that are explained and some things I have no idea about that aren't explained)
  3. The above AND NOT GIVING ANY BLOODY CLUE AT THE BEGINNING THAT THERE IS A LIST OF EXPLAINED TERMS AT THE END. Am I supposed to be a clairvoyant? Does everybody look at the last page first nowadays?
  4. All this in a Kindle-edition. Where you could just have hyperlinks to the footnotes...of course that would require some editing and not just throwing the text out for the e-book edition as it is.

Yes I am somewhat unimpressed with my edition of Georges (though it's not the first time that one or more of these things annoyed me in stuff I read)...still haven't decided how/if I am impressed by the book.