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Review: The Nicholas Feast

The Nicholas Feast (Gil Cunningham Murder Mystery) (A Gil Cunningham Murder Mystery) - Pat McIntosh

I could more or less copy my review for the first in the series here. The mystery plot was good (and actually less predictable than the first) and the author is really good at writing historical novels that make you feel that this book can only be set at this time in this place because plot and the 'background' are so intertwined with each other. The author is also really good at giving just enough information in dialogue and narration that also readers who are somewhat unfamiliar with 15th century Scotland know what's going on, without massive infodumps. However it's still only just enough, I can guess sort of what happened and how the Scottish legal system at this time worked but an afterword where the author explains a bit more would have been awesome.
I still love the relationship between Gil and Alys. At first it was instant attraction but not love and now you can see it developing into something more. They stil learn new things about each other and discover similarities (and I might have gone 'awwwwwwwwwwww' at one point) and these parts are really beautifully written.