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The Queen Of The Tearling - Erika Johansen

Let me just sum everything up I learned so far:

  • Kelsea is the Queen but after her mother was murdred(?) she has been taken away from the palace and was brought up in some remote place
  • There she was told that she's the Queen and seems to have received a typical upper-class education but nobody seems to have told her much about her mother/recent politics and history because of reasons
  • She doesn't seem to know much about the realm she's supposed to rule at all and I'd be very surprised if her education ever touched subjects like 'how to actually rule a country'
  • Kelsea has a "lax commitment to the enourmous responsibility lying on her"...because that's what we all want from a ruler, don't we?
  • Now she's turned 18 and now she's supposed to start ruling so some guards are taking her to the palace...only these guards are the wors ever because they actually get drunk while they're supposed to protect her
  • The guards also won't tell her anything about her mother because reasons
  • We' some post-apocalyptic dystopia earth? There's New Europe and New London but also a huge ocean and nobody knows what's behind that ocean? And there's still Christanity? Just that the church is evil? Only that Kelsea still celebrated Christmas?