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The Queen Of The Tearling - Erika Johansen
  • People are still not telling Kelsea anything about the country she will have to rule because of reasons. 
  • Apparently Kelsea's education involved learning how to hunt and smoke meat. Vital for a future Queen
  • Kelsea never was bothered by her weight but then she got kidnapped by some random robbers and their hot leader told her she was too ugly to be raped. Now she refuses to eat because she worries Hot Guy thinks her gluttonous. It's not like she's on the run and it will be hard to tell when and where she'll be able to eat the next time (yes, this really happened  )
  • Hot Guy who lead the robbers is also the most wanted man in the whole bloody kingdom and only very few people know his face. He never bothered hiding his face from her but she has already decided that she would never give him away (because he's so hot). Great that apparently he could foresee the future and knew she'd do that because otherwise he's the worst robber ever and incredibly stupid.
  • I would also like to remind you that this is the charismatic male lead who laughed and told her she was too ugly when she asked him if he raped her.


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