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Review: Home Work

Home Work - Kaje Harper

I really enjoyed the first two Life Lessons books because they were the right mixture of cute fluff and angst that wasn't over the top, while also being more realistic than many romances (or crime novels actually). People there had real problems and while sometimes chance helped with something it could as well happen that chance made everything worse.

This one might just have been too much realism for me. The first half of the book is mainly more or less unconnected things happening. Mac and Tony argue over petty stuff and make up quickly afterwards, lots of sex, children do stuff, Mac and Tony argue again over petty stuff, more sex, work, discussions over grocery-shopping, children do stuff, random wedding, more felt like going through a checklist (where a lot of points where 'sex', I mean I was expecting sex-scenes but not so many). I also couldn't help it but while I quite liked the kids in the first two books this time I found them somewhat annoying, especially Anna. Objectively I know she's been through some hard times and is also still quite young so she has the right to be...well childish at times but it was just too much. Her tantrums just annoyed me a lot.

Though I still read through the book in two days (as I usually do with Harper's books) so it clearly wasn't that bad.