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Review: The Way Through The Woods

The Way Through The Woods - Colin Dexter

Oh Morse what am I to do with you? Again the crime-plot was awesome and so cleverly constructed (though to be fair while I found the previous books mostly clever this had a few instances where I felt it wasn't only clever but also jumping up and down yelling Look how clever I am) and there aren't many authors who use red herrings as masterfully as Dexter does. Morse also still makes a brilliantly flawed hero...
But this book also had him say a few of the most cringeworthy sexist and rape-apologetic things I ever saw and if I'd read them in a modern book that would immediately knock down the rating a lot. However that book was written in 92 and sadly those attitudes probably weren't that unusual back then so again I am really on the fence (just like with previous Morse-novels). I don't want to judge books too harshly for the time-period they were written but it's somewhat impossible to ignore.