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Home Work - Kaje Harper The Queen's Exiles - Barbara Kyle The Way Through The Woods - Colin Dexter

Yeah...I got a lot of reading done this month. And sadly none of it were terribly impressive. Home Work was nice fluff but the first two in the series were much better, The Queen's Exiles was mainly dull and The Way Through The Woods was...well full of too much unfortunate sexism.


Next on the list: working on my currently reading-list which is...long. I haven't even added all of it to booklikes, yet because...because I'm lazy and watch too much football. There's also  Mord in Metropolis a crime-novel about a murder during the filming of Fritz Lang's Metropolis which is unfortunately not even half as awesome as it sounds, a non-fiction on the Bloody Sunday campaign which is interesting but somehow I feel that they expect is a bit too much pre-existing knowledge from the reader and a book by a German journalist about the Troubles. It's from the late 80s so somewhat out of date but still interesting.


(And I have no idea how all the Northern Irish on my currently reading shelf happened)