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Drachenklingen: Roman (German Edition) - Pierre Pevel

Yes you read that right, This books seems to feature Cardinal Richelieu and the Musketeers fighting weredragons and the forces of darkness in general.

Apparently this book has one a couple of awards and the authors seems to be quite popular in France but the GR-reviews are rather lukewarm/bad.

Buuuuut Musketeers. I should point out that I have a Musketeers-addiction problem. So far that mostly meant watching really really really horrible adaptations of it (including the one with David Hasselhoff and Thomas Gottschalk) but apparently now I'm branching out into books with...of questionable quality (yes one day I'll also read the Vampire-one).

This will also be my first buddy-read (with a friend who isn't on BL)...we're going to have so much fun.