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Drachenklingen: Roman (German Edition) - Pierre Pevel

This book has won the David Gemmel Newcommer award.

I do wonder what the other nominees were like because...well this book is


To be fair: the plot is decent and could be really interesting if it wasn't drowned in description that read like a straight teenage boy's fantasy. Every woman that appeared so far is incredibly hot, the men are all awesome fighters (I lost count of the times they duelled alone against three or more opponents and still won...and I'm not even 1/3 through the book). Everybody also has super-awesome and special weapons made from super awesome and special materials...


We also get a gem of a dialogue that went like this;

A: I would not go in there if I were you

B: I would get out of my way if I were you

And then the text informs us that this comment by B is witty.Because going 'LOL no you do' is clearly the epitome of wittiness.