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Day 22: The Novel you most like to give to friends

Roter Drache In Aspik: Das Fantasy Kochbuch - Sascha Storz, Adalbert Dichbauchens

I have to cheat here and pick a non-novel. Because while I tend to gift a lot of books there is none I gave more than once as I tend to choose presents based on what my friends like not based on 'I loved this and you HAVE to love it as well'. What I have given to more than one friend (and have the vague intention to give it to more) is this great cookbook for fantasy-lovers that features recipes with dragon, basilisk or wolpertinger-meat (with notes saying that for the unlikely case you can't find that you could replace it with rabbit/fish etc.) It is really a cute book and many recipes also include a little story about how the author encountered his first basilisk/dragon.

I do heartily recommend this book if you are in search of a present for your (German-speaking) fantasy-loving friend who also likes to cook)