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Drachenklingen: Roman (German Edition) - Pierre Pevel

Things that happened since I last complained about the fact that it's all about hot women and awesome fighting men who can alone win fights against hordes of enemies:

  • a guy fought against a horde of enemies and won
  • in the last moment an evil guy appeared who brought a pistol to a sword-fight and shot our awesome hero
  • I did not really care about the guy being dead because he had zero character
  • guy was not dead after all because evil guy just hit his weapon-belt (does this even work? I mean film and books love the 'saved by book/amulet/snuffbox/gingerbread-heart in breast-pocket'-trope but it doesn't really work, at least with modern weapons...would it work with 17th century pistols?)
  • I did not really care about the guy being not dead because he had zero character
  • the Cardinal ordered one of his men to get a certain document
  • said men kills a lot of people to get it
  • Cardinal seems to be not amused when he learns about the bodycount...perhaps he had hoped his man could get it by aggressive sock-knitting or whatever
  • Athos appeared. He does not deserve to be in this book
  • more fights
  • more hot women


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