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DNF: Masks

Masks - E M Prazeman

DNF at 25%

If you've read a quarter of a book you should have a vague idea what is going on but I still have no clue what is happening and why.
Mark, the main-character, is a servant (or perhaps rather slave) in a rich household. Suddenly he decides to flee even though he knows that if he's caught it might cost him his life.

Why does he do it? Because after a conversation with Gutter, his master's jester, he is suddenly convinced that Gutter is incredibly evil and his life is in even more danger if he stays. That's fine except that the conversation didn't sound terribly ominous to me and Marc never really talked about Gutter's earlier behaviour which might have given some indication on why he suddenly suspects him of murder and arson...
Additionally I also didn't understand the world in general. Apparently jesters can bond with nobles and then...something happens? Except I still don't know if that is something magical or just symbolical.

I don't need every piece of information on a silver-tablet and I'm more than happy if authors don't infodump all the time but the opposite is just as bad. If I have no idea what's going on I also don't feel like reading the book.


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