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Review: Heat Rises

Heat Rises - Richard Castle

I can't quite figure out why I'm more embarrassed to admit that I read weird Cop-show not-really!tie-ins than erotic Three Musketeers-fanfiction with vampires but somehow I am. There was I thinking my time for reading books that are inspired by TV-shows are over but apparently they aren't. 
I enjoy the Nikki Heat books. They have the same humour as the show and were clearly written by someone who knows the canon (both point against Max Allan Collins being behind the pseudonym). Additionally the relationship between Rook and Nikki is refreshingly without 'let's make this drama bigger than it is because we refuse to talk to/listen to each other'. In the first two books the cases were also entertaining enough.
This however is the third book and here the case was...meh. Admittedly I'm not a big fan of major conspiracies in which people higher up than the lead-detective try everything to stop her (or him) from solving the case. Did I say 'not a big fan'? I meant 'hate with a burning passion'. So this book and I weren't really off to a good start and it didn't get better when a certain person turned up with a big flashy neon-sign over their head saying 'I DID IT'