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Murder Tightly Knit (An Amish Village Mystery) - Vannetta Chapman

I love cozies while also having a very low tolerance for bullshit in them. I am aware that any series with an amateur-sleuth can hardly be that realistic but there is 'I can led this slide' and 'no human being would ever act like this'.

So it is suspected that the victim had something to do with preppers (the strange guys who are constantly preparing for the end of the world/nuclear war/whatever). The heroine and her friend are in a store to get a new first aid kid where they meet a woman who knows a lot about first aid. They get talking and eventually they learn that she and her husband are giving survival-courses. 

Friend's first reaction: oh survival-training? That's like preppers. We should stay away from them, that might be connected to Owen's death.

No this is not an exaggeration, She actually said that. While the couple could hear them...and oddly their reaction wasn't 'we're going to back away slowly from these strange people' no they happily exchanged addresses and promised to keep in contact.

Yes. Logic works like this.


I'm going to sleep over it and then decide if I can continue.