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Review: Black Ship

Black Ship - Carola Dunn

This wasn't so much a bad book as one with a topic that didn't interest me that much. I just never cared very much about prohibition-era-themed stories and Black Ship (even though it's set in England) deals with the prohibition so I was just sitting there going 'meh'. The case itself was also quite easy to see through. However the characters were lovely as always and I hope we'll see more of the Jessups in the following books. 
I could have done without the random and very forced bringing up of the IRA (Mrs Jessup is Irish and one very annoying gossipy neighbour brings up the IRA without any substantial proof for it. Daisy dismisses it immediately as plain malicious gossip...over and over again because she herself keeps bringing it up several times just to dismiss it again immediately) and the repeated mentions of Mrs Jessup having been an actress and the possibility that she's just acting when she claims to be shocked etc. Every time somebody talked to her it was again mentioned, my memory isn't that bad and I doubt any reader's is.
Still that's overall only minor annoyances, overall the book was enjoyable as almost all Lady Daisy-mysteries are.